News: Easter Special (SOTW6)

SOTW6: The Easter Special


Under normal circumstances this Wednesday post-Moving Day and pre-Easter Holiday would be spent unpacking, mounting file cabinets and so on, but since I chose to boast about our 5-week SOTW streak on Twitter and LinkedIn last Friday, here we are - and I can’t go and drop the ball the very next week now can I?

So WELCOME BACK! to the first SOTW from our new digs, with tech installations still going on, screwdrivers in full effect all around me, and everyone trying to settle in to their new work stations.

Since we all week moving house, and Easter is upon us, I thought I’d switch things up for SOTW6 and instead go around the office to hear how people are spending their Holiday…

First up, ME (Niklas, in case you were wondering)! The overall theme of my Easter Holiday is Horses. Both Thursday and Friday me, the missus, and our 11-year-old daughter, Lea, are getting up at the crack of down to go fetch Lea’s pony “Hopla” with whom she’ll be competing in both dressage and jumping in the annual Easter Meet at ØKR Riding Center. After that I’m sure we’ll need to spend the weekend lounging on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate – especially since it’s shaping up to be a cold one. Oh yeah, and Easter Lunches, Egg Hunts, and all that...

On to the next! Lena and Bo, what are you up to this Easter? “We are going to spend Easter at our Summer House in Sweden, pretty much just relaxing and unwinding after a busy few weeks at the office, and most likely going to a couple of classic “Easter Lunches” with some friends – with a Swedish twist of course, featuring köttbullar, Jansson's fristelse, etc.”

And you, Morten? “I’m going to eat an abundance of food at our family-tradition Easter Lunch at the family Summer House in Falster (Southern part of Denmark)... It’s the whole nine yards - herring, fish filets, liver paté with bacon, Danish meatballs, scramble eggs for the eel, mackerel for the kids, schnaps for the grown-ups, and so on.”

And now for the raisin in the sausage end, Rasmus and Alfred (his son). That’s a direct translation of a Danish saying by the way, and yes, it was as funny as I thought it would be... How are you spending the Easter Holiday, guys? “Well tomorrow we are going to the Experimentarium science center, which is a really fun and cool place with lots of different science exhibitions. And on Friday, we’re going on an Easter Egg hunt, so that should be a lot of fun too!”

That’s all for now – I should stop bothering everyone and get back to unpacking my office supplies... See you all next week, enjoy your Easter Holiday!