SOTW: The New Intern

SOTW: The New Intern

Hi all and welcome back to another edition of Stories of the Week. We missed you last week due to a minor website malfunction, but hopefully you caught that on LinkedIn or Twitter. This week’s issue is going to be a bit different – we could ramble on about site maps, wireframes and website AI, cause that’s all we’re doing these days, but we’d much rather talk about the latest addition to our office lineup; Josefine, our new Marketing Intern.


Josefine is joining us for the next three months, and Wednesday was her first day at AddMore – we put her feet to the fire and asked her to tell us (and you) a little bit about herself. Over to you, Josefine!

“Today, I've start my internship here at Addmore as part of my studies in International Sales and Marketing at CPH Business. I am really looking forward to the next three months, and I hope to learn a lot from this team of competence people. During my internship I hope to be faced with a lot of different and exciting assignments, and then try to apply all the things I’ve learned in school in practice. I am sure this experience will give me a lot I can use in the future. All in all I think this will be a great fit for my education” – Josefine Sørensen, Marketing Intern, AddMore. 


There you have it – you’ll hear a lot more from Josefine in the coming months. We look forward to giving her a bit of insight into the marketing and branding industry with client branding, marketing strategies and storytelling, to name a few. We’ll see you next week, with everyone back from holiday, and the office working at full speed once again. Take care!