News: Under-the-radar work in Week 17

News: Under-the-radar work in Week 17 (SOTW10)

Okay, I guess we have to start this week by saying we did NOT go to Paris as anticipated – I jumped the gun on that one... The trip’s not off, it’s just been pushed back a bit; TO BE CONTINUED.

And now back to Week 17, Stories of the Week no. 10 – a rainy week outside with a lot of under-the-radar work inside. The calm before the storm, to be honest. One of those weeks where not much is actually published or put out, but a lot of time is spent behind the scenes starting new projects, prepping for production, finalizing designs etc.


On the copy side, this week’s lone published work was a Nilpeter press release on their latest press sale; a new FA going to local packaging firm Primoreels, who we have in fact also been in talks with regarding branding and 3D animations. Read the story here – the press release was well-received by magazines and online news sites getting coverage in L&L, LNW, Print & Medier (DK), TLMI, Flexo Global, and many others.

In other copy, this week was mostly spent prepping various customer newsletters - English, Danish and Spanish, brand identity work that cannot be revealed yet, corporate presentations, mobile app content and so forth. Once again I have to let you off with a “I really hope there’s more to share soon” and hope you come back to find out.

A new addition this week was the possibility of some event branding and advertising – a fundraising event for a good cause later this year... Can’t say much more cause it’s early days, planning phase, but it looks like very interesting and fun work. Hopefully it all pans out! 


Design wise the early days of the week were spent finalizing and sending a new expo stand layout and quotation – gotta talk money sometimes – to the US; we’re expecting to hear back today or early next week. 
FYI Friday is Store Bededag or “Big Prayer Day” here in Denmark, so we’ll be off work, hopefully enjoying the return of sunshine. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

And my final thought; this is my time to go off the rails and talk politics – it’s OK, the Boss said I could... How about that Kanye West? He really went off the deep end this week, showering “The Donald” with love whilst disregarding any common sense and reason – I’ll quote the incredibly inspirational Shaun King; “Kanye has decided that all of the harm Trump has caused to very real people - that it doesn’t really matter much - because he likes the man’s personality, his style. This doesn’t make him “a free thinker” or a maverick. It makes him an insensitive asshole.” You should check out Shaun’s most recent Twitter thread on the topic and the comparisons between this, J. Edgar Hoover, Frank Rizzo and Bull Connor. Real food for thought.

Have a nice “Prayer Day” holiday, everyone – enjoy your wheat buns and your weekends. See you on Monday!