News: SOTW2

-20°C!? Is this real life?!

It’s Friday (Success kid!), and that means another edition of SOTW, numero dos to be exact. Look, I know we’re supposed to talk work, but it was so bloody cold this week.

Seriously, wind chill pushing -20°C, that’s just not right... This weather had me looking like my old teenage, high school self, sporting a woolly hat indoors all day.


But back to business...

First up, thanks for joining us for another week! We’d love to kick things off with a picture of that cake we told you about last week, but sadly it hasn’t arrived yet... We can, however, offer that web link we talked about – not as delicious, but still pretty good:

So what did we get up to this week? Well, since I ask, more of the same; creative writing, graphic design, and business development. That’s sort of our thing, you know. On Monday, we started working on an exciting new eye-care concept for Scandinavian markets. It’s still on the down low, but workwise it’s the whole nine yards; identity, branding, content marketing, designs and so forth...


Among other things, Tuesday and Wednesday featured some last-minute design work – expo banners (up above) for Nilpeter for the upcoming Gulf Print & Pack Summit 2018, which kicks off on Sunday in Dubai, and is attended by all the key printers from across the Middle East and North Africa.

The banners are nice and simple, promoting Nilpeter's new FA- and FB-Line presses, with possibilities and end-use products on display. Fingers crossed they can help draw in the crowds.


Thursday featured a fun little story about that big Rich's coffee poster hanging right inside our front door – we’re moving soon, more about that next week, and we’ve decided it’s time to move on from our coffee-drinking friend.

Turns out, the poster is one of just 10 original posters that have survived the test of time since it was produced in 1925; and the seller was really excited to see it. At the end of the day it probably won’t generate that much money, but it'll hopefully make a new owner just as happy as it has us :-)


That brings us to today, Friday. And besides doing a bit of design work – see the SBO Gruppen car design above – and copywriting for various projects, we’re just staying warm with a boatload of coffee and looking forward to a few days off with friends and family. Have a great weekend, everybody, see you again on Monday!