News: The sun is out - SOTW7

Work-filled week of visits, meetings, and new neighbours (SOTW7)


Oh hi, thanks for checking in, and welcome back to another edition of Stories of The Week, or Weekly’s as we like to call them. Week 14 is coming to you live from our new digs in Nivå, more specifically from our sunny little writer’s nook - see above...

The first full week (sans Monday) in Nivå featured the final tech installations and office decorations (read: arranging the storage room), and a bit of work too, of course. Oh and the sun was out TWO TIMES this week – spring is coming, folks, and we have the pictures to prove it!

Let’s kick things off with the copywriting side of things – once again a pretty busy week with customer case stories, press releases, and in-bound content. Very much in line with market trends tbf. Sadly not a whole lot to share with you right now as things are still being finalized – proof reading, final alterations and so forth. Maybe next week :-)


Rasmus and Bo spent the better part of Tuesday in the storage room – unpacking boxes, filling up cabinets, and arranging everything; tiresome work but very necessary, and extremely helpful for our “everyday efficiency”.

As for Morten, tech stuff always seems to cause a ruckus when you’re moving, and this time was no different. As of writing everything appears to be working well, knock on wood, with the exception of scanning on the new printer, but that should be up-and-running early next week. Happy days!

On Wednesday, the office was ABSOLUTELY PACKED. Dansk Brandteknik came by to install the fire safety equipment, Falck set up our new alarm system, Deichmann dropped off a bunch of new plants, our windows were cleaned, and we finished the day with a partner meeting, and a visit from a couple of old friends. All while putting the finishing touches on a few design projects... Whew!


And then there was Thursday. Thursday was actually pretty special. After a few years without neighbours in our old building, we had flashbacks to the “good old days” when Thomas from Red Ocean Software, our next-door neighbour, knocked on our door to say hi. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and see your beautiful offices. What a fantastic change of events to be surrounded by interesting people and companies again - bodes very well for the future here in Nivå.

Rounding things off, Friday is a lovely sunny day and we can’t wait to punch the clock and spend the weekend outside, maybe even crack open a cold one! See you all for another great week on Monday!