News: The Summer Holiday Edition (SOTW)

News: The Summer Holiday Edition (SOTW) 

Hello all and welcome back to another edition of SOTW, the weekly series on our day-to-day life here at AddMore Communications. This week’s “episode” is going to be a little bit different; we’re not gonna talk work, we’re gonna talk holidays.

Why, you ask? Because today we have our first casualty of the summer, Morten, who is getting in a car and heading to sunny Spain. Platja d’Aro to be exact, the gold coast. So instead of rambling on about this week’s expo prep, website design, identity tweaks and more, I thought we’d go around the office and hear how everyone is spending their three weeks of freedom – heck, it might even inspire those of you who haven’t made any plans yet...


Señor Morten
I already spilled the beans on Morten – he’s off to Platja d’Aro in España, about 100km northeast of Barcelona. It’s a bit of tradition if I’m not mistaken, this being the fifth or sixth time Morten visits that area in Northern Spain – the trip includes a stop somewhere in France, and will consist of sunbathing on the beach, tapas in droves and a wee bit of tennis. Not too shabby if I may say so myself. Enjoy the trip, amigo!

The rest of us are staying behind for a bit – I believe Rasmus, Bo and Lena have another week before they’re off, and myself, Niklas, will take this Summer on the fly – more on that later.


Signore Rasmus
You can probably guess where Rasmus is going from reading the headline – it’s Italy, of course. Tuscany to be exact, with a roadtrip by the coast ending in beautiful Venice. Buongiorno, Rasmus, buongiorno! Sounds like an amazing trip with great weather, scenery, culture and food.

The Bosses
Lena and Bo are staying a bit closer to home, spending the holiday at their summerhouse in Sweden, located smack down in the middle of a golf course, just off the 2nd green. So yeah, you know what they’re doing – relaxing, eating, drinking and golfing, just the way you want to spend your time off work. Have a nice trip, Jefes! 


And now, me...
My Summer is a bit different, cause I don’t have anything planned yet – I don’t even know when I’m working and when I’m not. The reason is this: my lovely lady friend is the manager of a beach café on Bellevue Strand, the most popular beach in the Copenhagen area, and she’ll be working nonstop all summer, making and serving all sorts of coffee and cold drinks, food, cake, ice cream and the like. That leaves very little time for traveling, so we’re holding off until summer ends. In the meantime, I’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy the Danish summer weather with my family.

That’s all for now, people, we’ll be back next week with another story for you to enjoy. Don't forget to stop by the beach café on Bellevue and pick up an Iced Coffee. See you next week!