News: Summertime

Busy, busy, busy...

How about that – July 1 is just around the corner, and our last news story was a Christmas greeting. We are so sorry for the radio silence!

Luckily, the break in news doesn’t come from a break in business – we are busier than ever. Every day is packed, and it’s been like that since new years.

So what’s next? And how do we fix this radio silence? Well, to be honest, that’s gonna have to wait too, because as always, July is the month of summer vacations and a slightly short-handed staff. The office is open, but since half of us are out enjoying the palm trees, we probably won’t finish projects quite as quickly as you’re used to.


After the summer, we’ll be back on the air – and that’s a promise! We’ve been working on new case stories and floating ideas for regular news content, all of which will be finalized and published when we’re back in full force.

So like we said at Christmas, here’s to a Happy Holiday Season – the sunny kind, from the AddMore faithful. Talk to you soon!