News: Story of the Week Recovery

Recovering our Stories of the Week


Well well well, it’s been a while hasn’t it?! Hello again, and welcome back to a new edition of Stories of the Week #SOTW

We’re very sorry for the recent radio silence, but the week before last I (Niklas) went to Prague to watch FC Copenhagen play Slavia Praha in the Europa League, and last week I was recovering from that trip haha - a little man flu knocked me right out from Wednesday to Friday. We’re back in full strength, and of course, that means a new story, and hopefully a bit more consistency in the coming weeks.

So how’s everyone doing?

Here at the AddMore offices we’ve been dealing with the sniffles, but we’re powering through, with a lot of projects nearing completion, hard deadlines for big jobs in January and February, and a host of smaller assignments launching week-in and week-out. Looking back at the past week, we’ve been hard at work on the Zight website. Structure, layout and manuscript has been approved, and we are now moving on with the coding/building part, with completion and launch set for early January, 2019. Don’t forget to check back! :)

A bit of work done for Nilpeter this week too - French translation and production of a few brochures, a new testimonial ad with a Canadian company, and some content and image prep of US based newsletters. Not too shabby.

“In other news” we’ve been doing a lot of identity work for a new client, very fun work, also set to launch in the new year, as well as booked a few meetings for the coming weeks; charity events, marketing pitches, photo planning etc.

That’s all for now, a short one and not too much in terms of visuals, but you know how it is - we can’t show you what we haven’t published. I’m off to eat Thanksgiving leftovers - had the family over for a big turkey dinner last night, with football on the telly, food on the table, and wine/beer in our glasses. Love it! Have a nice weekend, everyone, we’ll see you next week!