News: Stories of The Week 1

Stories of The Week (SOTW 1)

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New Year New Me, right? Okay, we gotta start taking our own medicine, and that starts with regular content on the website and socials. So welcome to ”Stories of The Week” or SOTW, something we aim (and really hope) to post every Friday, with a look back at our week here at the office, and out and about too.

Week 8 started out pretty hectic. With two people out sick, 33.3% of our workforce, the remaining four had to do some pretty heavy lifting on Monday. As I tweeted last Thursday we whipped up some new website content in a hurry, and that site is nearing completion – in short, it’s a case project for an international business consulting firm, and we’ll give you a link once its done... Fingers crossed by the end of today, Friday the 23rd.

Monday and Tuesday also offered up some more content marketing assignments – press releases and newsletters written, designed, and distributed to customer databases and worldwide media. All done by our in-house wordsmiths and designers in the Apsis Newsletter Pro system, a partner of ours.

Wednesday was a busy day with multiple ad designs coming to fruition, both online and print, on-going design and copy work on a big corporate publishing, and some very interesting meetings with potential new clients. Lunch was lunch, nothing much to tell you haha – it is Denmark, after all, we mostly eat rye bread or “open-faced sandwiches” as some of our international clients like to call them.

Oh, on the topic of food – I almost forgot, maybe the quirkiest job of the week came when our good friends at BagerSofus (bakery) called and asked for help with a logo file; they’re cooking up a big anniversary cake for a government organisation, and the file they received for the sugar frosting on top was way too big to fit in their machine... Bish bash bosh, Morten split it up into four and the cake was rolling again. Here’s a picture of a nice chocolate number, but we promise to share a picture of the actual cake once it’s been shot and served – maybe in next week's SOTW.


For Thursday and Friday, it’s all about shoring up last few projects before the weekend – a quick conference call from Denmark to Germany, and the USA, planning an upcoming expo, finishing up the last details on that website we mentioned earlier, distributing a few print ads, and so on, and so forth. Oh, and introducing a new content series on the website, of course. These were our stories of the week, we hope you liked ‘em.