News: Staycation

- the holiday in your backyard

It might come as a surprise, but this years hottest vacation destination is VERY close to home. Think with Google just released an infographic that shows a clear trend for the upcoming summer holidays; Staycations - the holiday in your backyard. 

Searches for "staycation" peak each July, but Think with Google are already reporting a 10% increase this season, with people in the US looking more at hotels down the road than across the boarder. That goes for the likes of New York, Washington, Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago. Angelenos would rather go to Vegas, but hey, 5/6 is pretty good in my book. 


The infographic also shows some interesting, yet pretty unexpected popular destinations being searched this summer - among others The Columbus Zoo in Ohio, and Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh - the second-fastest rising search from April to June, after the World Cup.

As for us here at AddMore, it's
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