News: Sophie the Intern

Sophie the Intern

A bit of a different story today, but definitely something we hope to do more of in the future...

This past week our staff brought a +1 to the party, as Sophie spent her 9th grade internship working as a graphic designer at AddMore.

In the Danish “Folkeskole” kids around the age of 15 are offered a 1-week internship with a local business of their choice. The purpose of this is to give them a slight feel for the line of work they might be interested in, before they dive into higher education.

Sophie want’s to be a graphic designer “when she grows up” and we were thrilled to show her the ropes! But I think I’m going to stop talking now, and let Sophie tell you about her week, what she accomplished and whether or not she still wants to be a graphic designer...


“Although my internship was cut short by school, I had three very exciting days at AddMore and I couldn’t be happier! On Day 1 we sat down and talked about what might be fun to do, and after brainstorming different ideas, we settled on creating a campaign leaflet for the local Garderhøj Fortress, with the goal of appealing to a younger audience through fresh new activities and events. 

During my internship I learned a lot about image placement, text editing and the dynamics between various colours, images and text. I discovered that there’s a lot more to it than just placing a few images on a piece of paper and jotting down a few words - it’s about mixing and matching to find the right blend, look and feel. 

My internship has only enhanced my interest in graphic design and I still really wanna pursue an education and career in this field.“

To round off you’ll be happy to hear that Sophie did a fantastic job on the leaflet and scored top marks, 12 (A+), for her internship project and presentation. Yay! Well done Sophie! We’re really proud of you!