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Responsive Websites

Nuts & Bolts is a series of posts where we take a closer look at a specific case element – analysing the ins and outs, the process and the outcome.

Years back, before smartphones (yes kids, there was such a time), we built two no frills websites for Glarmester Lennart Johansen and Hudlægerne i Birkerød; websites that looked good, met our clients respective needs and solved quite a few challenges along the way.


But as we all know, time goes by and technology evolves. With mobile platforms – smartphones and tablets - now accounting for more that 60% of total digital media time spent, the websites were begging for a change, especially when it comes to user friendliness.

Now we’re not about to jump on the apocalyptic bandwagon that seems to be sweeping our industry – the one that states how you’re company is as good as dead if you’re not on this or that platform, and has already killed off print media a dozen times. BUT, a mobile presence is indeed important, and necessary. Even for a local glazier and a skin care clinic.

That’s why we developed two new responsive websites with a bit more frills. Websites that once again look good – if I must say so myself, meet the client’s needs and solve a major issue regarding responsiveness and mobile search. Check them out here and here, 
and get in touch for more information.