News: Release, Restrain, Reunion

SOTW: Intern Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! And welcome to this week's #SOTW. This issue is going to be a little different, because as you know, Nick went to Labelexpo Americas in Chicago, and he left me (Josefine) in charge while he is busy overseas.

A Brand New Website Launch
So what did we do this week? We've had a busy week completing a project - a new website - for one of our clients. The site launched and was well-received early this week. It has been an exciting project for me, and I look forward to the next project.

'Speaking of' - the next website has been scheduled to be up-and-running next week, so things are moving fast. That’s all we can tease right now, so look out for next weeks reveal!


Intern Update
I have done a lot of Wordpress work this week, getting to know the ins-and-outs of the system and afterwards helping with quality control of the new website, through and through – it’s nice to see it up-and-running now!
There have also been some good posts on Instagram - the big bag of candy (check it out) has been opened, and we have already tasted a tiny bit – deeelicious!

computer lille

Heading Home
Last but not least Nick has been in Chicago to represent AddMore at Labelexpo Americas 2018. His reports suggests it has been a good trip, meeting and greeting clients and friends, and we look forward to hearing all about it when he returns to the office on Monday!

IMG_0678 AddMore

That was all for this week, we will return as usual next Friday. We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!