News: Packing up shop (SOTW4)

Packing up shop, search engine optimization, and augmented reality


Hello hello hello, and welcome back to another AddMore Stories of The Week, the 4th edition of 2018. Week 11 featured more “packing up shop” as we prepare for the move on March 27, but also included a bit of corporate branding, press releases, search engine optimization (SEO), and augmented reality. Oh, at the annual Pi Day.

On the copywriting side of things, Monday and Tuesday was spent working on a few product installation stories – primarily Nilpeter press sales in the UK, and customer case stories for a few other clients. The Graphic’s Team have been working on a big brand identity project with several marketing strategy and promo elements to follow – a new large-scale website, direct mail campaigns, social media advertising, and video content to name a few. 

Wednesday marked the annual Pi Day – March 14, or 3/14, as 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. We didn’t do much to celebrate at the office other than dream about Pizzas and Pies; we’re not exactly mathematicians.


On Thursday, Bo and I (Niklas) were off to meet with Jacob of Dental Media and Allan of VARC for an inspirational meeting on AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).

While there we got to play around with the Microsoft HoloLens, the self-contained, holographic computer, and engage with digital content and holograms all around us. Great fun and very useful in our line of work, be it for our own sales pitches, expo purposes, or a variety of other client projects. More to come...


And that leads us to today, Friday the 16th, which was spent doing more of the same – well, Rasmus and I did take a quick drive to the junk yard with some old stuff, and brought back danishes for the guys and girls – 1 extra point for us.

That’s all for now, Morten and I are off to pick up a newly fixed computer before tying up loose ends heading into the weekend. See you all next week, take care!