News: One Week Off (SOTW20)

News: One week off...


Hello hello and thanks for ”tuning in” to the 20th edition of Stories Of The Week. First up, a little holiday update: the office is closed next week, July 16 – 20, and we are back again Monday July 23. Now that we've got that out of the way, let’s have a quick look at the past week, and find out what’s happening on the other side of our short summer hiatus...

Week 28 saw us lock up a US exhibition stand layout for Wisconsin-based EMT International – as always, we are present at Labelexpo Americas which kicks off in September 2018, and after a bit of positive sparring we have now settled on the disposition and overall design of the 90 sqm EMT stand. Next up are banner designs and finishing touches before giving final instructions to the builders... Good times ahead!


In other news, we met with Zight on Tuesday – that's the eye care brand btw – to discuss brand design, website functionalities, copy/tone of voice, and more. Things are moving along nicely, and after our short summer holiday we are gearing up for a lot of fun, time-consuming work aimed at maximizing their market potential. 

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were jam-packed with everything and anything from new print ad designs, charity branding, website builds, PR and copywriting, customer cases and video prep. Whew! Getting ready for a holiday, even a short one, can be pretty stressful.


Rounding off, our return from the one-week layoff will see us embark on new projects for a Chinese client, continued work on the BCO website, Zight branding, OPRO marketing, Nilpeter expos and so on and so forth... Nothing but work :-)

Alright guys and girls, that’s all for now. Not the longest SOTW but we've been swamped preparing for our week off. We’ll see you again in a couple of weeks. Enjoy the sun, I know I will!