News: Music and meetings

News: Music, intern updates and travel prep

Hello hello, and welcome back to another edition of #SOTW. Let’s get going! We kicked off the week with a bit of musical inspiration - don’t ask me how, but we got to talking about the Swedish 80’s band, Europe, and their greatest hits (like this baby) were blasting through our Mac speakers. Look at those guys, you can’t help but smile!


On the business side of things, we had a couple of good meetings regarding new branding projects - both company and product names, copy direction, graphic styles, and so forth. More on that at a later date! Tuesday, we worked on the previously mentioned eye care company roll-out - identity and company forms are complete, and we’ve now moved on to the corporate website, with marketing and promotion next on the docket. Again, I promise you’ll get a look-see soon enough.

Intern update
For this section I’ll hand the mic over to our marketing intern, Josefine - “Thanks, Niklas! After handing in a marketing strategy report on Friday, I was tasked with further developing our social media strategy. I have done a lot of research this week, and with this newfound knowledge I have crafted a content plan for Instagram - ideas and images, news captions and content. Remember to follow us over there, I promise it won’t get boring :) And on a personal note, I am crossing my fingers for sunny weather this weekend as I have planned a lot of outdoor activities - the forecasts are, unfortunately, not looking too good.”

Skærmbillede 2018-09-21 kl. 15.09.45

And finally, a bit of travel preparations…
As you may know, I’m off to Labelexpo Americas in Chicago on Saturday, and before I go I thought I’d walk you through some of my preparations for the trip - you know, talk a bit about what goes on leading up to such a big trade show, what’s in the bag, different considerations, and so on…

Besides the essentials - passport, tickets, hotel confirmation - the bag is of course full of my finest business attire, a shopping list for the “wife” and daughter, and a boatload of business cards. My main object of the trip is to make sure our expo stand designs look and work as intended, mingling with clients, plan future activities and meet the industry face-to-face. I’m really looking forward to catching up with “old” friends and who knows, possibly form new working relationships. This week has been all about daily updates from the show build-up, making sure current projects at home are moving a long, and prepping a few social media activities. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures and updates on our Twitter and Instagram accounts, so please check in next week and over the weekend.

That’s all for now, I’m off to spend some quality daddy-daughter time with popcorn and a movie, before packing my bags for Chicago. See you soon!