News: Monday blues

Monday blues:
when your server goes down

Technology is a wonderful thing. Most of the time. Just not on Mondays. Especially not this one.

When we started scattering in this morning, turning our computers on to check our emails while gulping down the first cup of coffee – or second for those of us who needed a pick-me-up at home, we discovered something alarming. Our server was down – as in all the way down. I’ll quote my IT-guy on this one; ”Our user profiles are gone. I can’t find ’em anywhere”.

In our world, that’s a CODE RED PEOPLE! CODE BLOODY RED! 

So what do you do when technology decides to sleep in? Well first off, you raise all kinda hell on the support line, calling every single person who had anything to do with the installation.
After that, you wait for the repair guy. You clean your desk, and have a few meetings that should’ve been emails. 

And then... and then... you wait some more. Until the repair guy finally shows up, about 7 minutes before his ”I’ll be there within the next few hours” runs out. 20 minutes later, he’s back out the door, and life has been restored.

By the way, the first hour back online is the quietest we’ve ever had! I hope your Monday was a lot smoother than ours.