News: Making Quick Work of a Busy Week (SOTW11)

Making quick work of a busy week

Hey peeps, it’s gonna be a quick one today - lots to cover but very little time. Why, you ask - because in a few hours I’m off the Funen (Danish island down south) to coach my daughter’s Under 10s super-girl handball team at the annual Frog Cup end-of-season tournament.

And hey, don’t underestimate the under 10s - pun intended, there’s Live Results and everything. You can follow our progress right here if you have nothing better to do - we’re VSH3 in Group 17. Wish us luck!


Now back to work! Week 18 saw us do a little bit of everything, like most weeks. We continued some branding work - naming, tagline/slogans, logo design and that sort of thing, finalized a corporate presentation (PPT) and began the process of building a responsive website for our new Chinese client…

There was also a little print and banner ad design this week, for German and South African publications, and Juan Pablo/Nilpeter Andina stepped up clutch with a Spanish translation for a South American industry newsletter. Thanks again, Juan Pablo!


In other news, we continued discussions with the French company we’ve told you about previously. As of right now, the meeting is on, May 30/31, and we’ll be discussing some exciting re-branding and promotion projects for the coming year. Bonjour Paris!

On Monday we signed an internship contract with Josefine who is studying International Sales and Marketing at cphbusiness. Josefine will be joining us in August, and will most likely be chiming in with stories and social media activity during the 3 months that follow. We look forward to having you, Josefine!

Last but not least, the Americans we told you about last week, or the week before, accepted our expo offer and we are excited to get started on further designing an attractive booth that will help them achieve their branding and sales goals in September.


And now, this: Morten is an avid user of Imgur: The magic of the Internet, and other similar sites, and you can always count on him to e-mail some funny stuff during the week. For this week I thought I’d compile some of his best work in a segment I like to call “Morten’s got jokes” - I know, very creative. First up, he sent us this beauty with the caption “finally someone who has mastered the forbidden moves”. He followed up with this clip, making sense of last week’s Korea summit, and sent this one over in case me or Rasmus' kids ever give up handball/football and need a new hobby. Finally there was this beautiful display of vape skills - watch it to the end.

That’s all for now - see you next week! Have a good one!