News: International week at AddMore (SOTW9)

International Week at AddMore (SOTW9)

Happy Friday, everyone! And what a Friday it is – I’m wearing shorts for the first time this year and it’s 20 degrees outside. I’ve got one thing on my mind today – a cold beer in the sun after work. Sounds good, right?

Buuuuuut since it is Friday, and we’ve got a bit of a streak going here, we’re not gonna cheat you out of SOTW numero 9. This week saw us branch out a bit – besides the usual we closed a deal with an Asian company, and had talks with a French firm who we might visit in Paris next week... Globetrotters much?


Monday was Signing Day. We finalized a long-term deal with a Chinese company which sees us handle all branding and marketing assignments - website design, social media strategies, social media management, sales material and more – over a 3-year period. We look forward to helping them make their mark here in Europe.

On Tuesday, we did a bit of ad design and distribution – full page print ads for magazines at home and abroad, helped a client plan for a new US expo, and met with Allan from VARC – the VR/AR guys from week 11, and went over a few different projects and requests. Fun fact, despite now living and working in Copenhagen, Allan grew up right down the street from our new offices and used to have a paper rout that went by this very address. It’s a small world...


Wednesday offered up some classic copywriting work – customer cases and press releases, as well as the continuation of a large-scale branding project we’ve been working on for quite some time. It’s still early days, so no timetable on when we can share it with you all. 

Last but not least, round 2 of our little “international week” saw us discuss branding and promotion with a potential new client from France – their new international sales manager stopped by here in Nivå, and we might actually go visit them in Paris next week. Love a good chance to spot some French bulldogs! :-)


Oh and the guys probably wouldn’t believe I was writing this if I didn’t mention all the week’s football fixtures... Sunday was a sad day for my boys FC Copenhagen - Derby Day loss to Brøndby, who are now looking more and more like new champions. We managed to bounce back against AaB on Wednesday, and will hopefully cap off a good week tomorrow with a win at home against AC Horsens. Fingers crossed! I’m bringing my daughter Lea for a fun daddy/daughter day.

That’s all for us this week – we’ll be back on Monday, maybe with some non-SOTW content next week, but definitely a story on Friday. I’ll leave you with a bit of adspiration – this Brand Portal from Klarna, which is just a really nice way to introduce employees and stakeholders to brand decisions and rules of use... See you!