News: Expo Prep And Branding

News: Expo Prep and Branding (SOTW)

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve had a busy busy week here at the office, the weather’s been alright and, of course, we’ve talked a lot of Danish national team football in the hallways... Let’s get started!

First up, Monday! 


The pictures says it all doesn’t it? Okay, maybe I was a bit under the weather after a big wedding over the weekend, but I needed that coffee BAD. On the business side of things, I personally kicked the week off shoring up the last details for Labelexpo Americas 2018 – it’s only 3 weeks away and at the start of the week we sent the last artwork off for production, did some workforce coordination, and took care of the last accommodation details. AddMore will be in Rosemont/Chicago from September 22 – 27, and we really look forward to mingling with customers and friends, seeing how it all pans out, and meeting new people.

A big chunk of the week was spent preparing for another big event in the coming year; marketing promotion, graphic designs and good ol’ fashioned event planning and decorations. More to follow...


Later on in the week we sat down with a potential new client, a Danish start-up looking for re-branding assistance. Company brand name, product designs, logo and visual identity material, copy direction and the whole nine yards. Fun times ahead! By the way, I can see how this all seems a bit secretive, and I aplogize – we’re not working with any secret government powers, but at the same time we don’t wanna reveal too much before we’re ready to launch websites, branding projects, promo campaigns etc. All in due time as they say.

Side note: Little Roman here made the rounds on the internet over the week, and if you haven’t seen it, we reeeeeaaaally think you should. Check out this little Cake Boss in the making:


Last but not least, we also got to work on Nilpeter’s press kit for the expo (up above) – it’s not the flashiest promo item, but for a big company at a big event it’s always important to supply industry media with all the relevant information, time stamps, product samples, images and more, to make the post-show reporting easier for all.

That’s all for now – I think we forget to talk football, but it's pretty much been talked out all week. We enjoyed the reserves game on Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing the real boys take the field tomorrow... Take care until we meet again next week! Bye bye!