News: Endangered words (SOTW8)

Endangered words and lunch out of the office

Hello hello, welcome back, it’s Week 15 and the 8th edition of SOTW. First order of business, should we change SOTW to Weekly’s? Around the office we refer to them as Weekly’s, but the “official name" – the OG from 8 weeks ago – is Stories of the Week. Head over to our Twitter Poll and let us know what you prefer, we’re pretty much Switzerland in this discussion.


Let’s dive in; once again my week was (mainly) filled with good old fashioned copywriting work. We’re talking search engine optimized (SEO) website copy – new and revised, finishing up a few case projects, awaiting customer statements before publishing, as well as client news articles on new and upgraded partnership statuses, corporate awards, and product installations. All in a weeks work as they say, and hopefully something we can share in Week 16.

Who are they, by the way? I always wondered...


In other news, Nilpeter popped by on Thursday to see our new digs and talk marketing – we rounded implementation of anniversary branding, video content, and e-mail designs to name a few. Oh, and we had lunch out of the office – the weather was very nice, and instead of being cooped up in the meeting room we walked over to the Museum and ate at the lovely little café. The food was nice – salads, soups and sandwiches – and we even got our mid-day drink on. Don’t worry, we stopped at one beer, but it did set the tone for a nice Thursday afternoon.

But enough about lunch; this week also featured a few tech revisions in our invoicing system, e-conomic. We’ve just started cooperation with an international company that requires two signatures on every invoice, a feature e-conomic didn’t offer, but with the help of e-conomic’s tech support, Lena and Morten made it happen...

Spoiler: the feature hasn't actually been implemented in the program, as I first assumed – it’s really a photo-based cheat code, but it does the trick!




Another fun thing we did this week was check out the ”Endangered Words” exhibit next door – throughout the garden, the museum has placed approx. 100 words that are in danger of slipping out of the Danish language. Here they will be nourished and loved by visitors and museum employees until they find their footing in modern day conversations again... It’s definitely worth a stroll, a great learning opportunity, and you can get some really funny conversations going while there. FYI that's not us in the picture, just a random family off the museum website...

Rounding off the week, I want to share something a bit off topic, but really motivating if you ask me. This right here – IMGUR LINK – is the level of perfection I strive for both in my work life and my personal life. 10/10. That’s all from us at AddMore, see you next week! And don’t forget to cast your vote on the Twitter Poll!