News: Customer Cases and Paris (SOTW15)

Customer Cases, Fundraising Ideas, and our very own Paris Summit


Well well well, if it isn’t good ol’ Mr Friday and our recurring SOTW Series. Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely week thus far – Denmark still feels like a southern holiday destination with temperatures hitting 30 degrees celcius this week! What the hell?! My husky Danish body is not equipped for this type of heat haha :-D

In other news (since last week) Loris Karius had an absolute mare in the Champions League Final; Yowza that was bad! I actually feel for the guy, can’t be easy to recover from that! But hey, at least the memes are solid:


But enough about my physique and Loris Karius' butterfingers – this is a place of business, so we’re gonna talk a little business. For me, Monday May 28 was mostly spent writing a customer testimonial/case story off a quick phone interview I did Friday afternoon. Graphics wise we picked up some new sample kits from the printers, and they looked mighty fine if I may say so myself, while also drawing up some roll-up banners and flyers for a new historic ship restoration project in Køge Harbour - in the picture up above.

Mid-week, Bo made the long-awaited trek to Paris and sat down with a French company to discuss branding and promotion; to my knowledge talks were fruitful, and the French brass will be visiting us sometime next week to finalize a deal. Look at us going all ultra international! I’m especially fond of this one – big fan of Paris, my favourite city in Europe – so hopefully I can sneak in a few “working holidays” every now and then...


At home, we continued working on various projects; websites, new content marketing assignments, testimonial ads and more. Wednesday the 30th was a looooong day – for me at least – as it ended with a (very interesting) 6 - 9 PM meeting on a little fundraising soiree. I say little, it’s probably gonna be quite big, but for now it’s under raps, so you won’t squeeze another word outta me. On that – I’ll still keep writing and talking, we haven’t covered Thursday or Friday yet...

So let’s do that! On Thursday, we did a little social media tech support for Glarmester Lennart Johansen, edited a US press release for Nilpeter, and corresponded back and forth regarding that September expo booth I’ve mentioned in previous weeks – we’re now finalizing the layout and commencing on messaging and banner designs. Friday June 1 saw us tying up some loose ends before the weekend, coordinating how we’re watching the 2018 World Cup here at the office – spoiler; on a big flat screen in the conference room – and doing a little bit of name branding for a new client of ours.

That’s it for Week 22, we’ll see you all next week. Take care peeps!