News: Catching up on some news

News: Catching up on some news

It’s been a while since our latest Friday story, so we thought we’d better get to typing and tell you what’s been going on at the offices in Nivå… As always, we’ve had our heads stuck in everything from logo designs and advertising, expo and event planning, copywriting, website coding, and more. Heck, we’ve even been to a few advisory board meetings.

To give you a few tangible examples of what we’ve been up to, the past few weeks have seen us put pen to paper on a few stand designs for our good friends at Nilpeter - first, Flexo & Labels in Brazil, and second, Graphispag in Barcelona, which rounds up later today. For both, we used the 100 YEARS OF INNOVATION imagery, while adhering to company roots and guidelines. We’ve also done a bit of email marketing for different clients - per-summer bargains and whatnot, garnering a lot of interest and feedback. 

Advisory boarding it… 
The advisory board meetings mentioned earlier center around NM Nordic, the Danish retailer of PUKY, which is a German manufacturer of kids bikes. We talk business development, branding, in-store marketing and so on, and help out in any way we can when it comes to maximizing their potential. It’s quite good fun, actually. 

Demo photoshoot
Last week, I also had the pleasure of spending a full day with Morten, Lasse and Steffen, among other, at Nilpeter’s Technology Center in Slagelse, shooting a customer press demo, which resulted in a sale the following day, as well as miscellaneous footage for other social media projects. We posted to Nilpeter’s Instagram story on the day, and are currently planning and editing videos for various purposes. 

More golf…
On another note, we were recently contacted by a “friend of the family” graphic designer who needed a bit of assistance on a new project she was working on, with a Copenhagen-based golf club. What started out with a few technical logo amendments and road signage layouts has since turned into a re-branding project, complete with brand strategies, advertising, and so forth… It’s still early days - to be honest so early nothing has actually been decided yet, but we look forward to whatever comes our way going forward.

And why not finish off with a little personal news - I’ll be out later this afternoon, picking up my brand new whip. My first ever new car - a VW Tiguan, and I can’t bloody wait. Have a nice weekend everyone, see you on Monday!