News: Burger Friday (SOTW14)

News: Burger Friday (SOTW14)

Welcome back, everybody – another short week here at AddMore (God, I love May in Denmark!) filled with all the usual design and copy work, website structures, video work, templates and more. Oh yeah, and that whole GDPR thing really took over this week.

The usuals
Let’s kick things off with those nice familiar, every-week projects; copy wise week 21 was filled with press releases for Danish and international clients, news briefs and social media posts, a case project interview, and of course a host GDPR newsletter updates. We sent our own yesterday, and kept it nice and simple; we adhere to the new rules, handle your information with the utmost care, and of course, delete your information upon request. For more information, check our our email partner APSIS’ GDPR run-through.


Our designers have also been hard at work this week – new print ads, corporate identity material (logos etc.), website layouts – i.e. for Ironside Sports, and various templates for presentations, video intros, and so on.

We also stepped up to help a client plan for a big video shoot next week – new product, service, and corporate videos shot by a local, Asian videographer. All in all, we supplied them with a gang of tips and tricks (colour tones, frame rates, angles etc.) to ensure the end-product is worth watching, and we’ll probably be included in the final editing process as well.


New client
Last but not least this week also saw us take on a new client, KMG Enterprise, a contract and building sanitation company in the need for a refreshing brand identity and new corporate website. More on that in the coming weeks!  

Aaaaaand rounding off...
To put a bow on this week’s SOTW, you’ll be happy to hear that the Danish heat wave has continued, which is nice. Granted, it would’ve been even nicer if our newly installed windows (earlier this week) had blinds pre-fitted so we weren’t exposed to the sun ALL DAY LONG haha... The new blinds are in Monday, after which it will probably start raining, and in the meantime we are enjoying Burger Friday! Take care, everyone, see you next week!