News: SOTW3

News: Big week at the office

Welcome back to another edition of SOTW for this, the week of March 5, where work and moving preparations coincided following Tuesday’s big announcement that we are moving to Nivå at the end of the month...

We’ve been working on this for quite some time and finally broke the news this week – see a picture of our new driveway down below, and hover over for the Google Map location.


Moving prep at AddMore is no different than anywhere else; we’re coordinating with the movers, arranging internet, phones and all that, while packing and clearing house – all leading up to our actual moving day, March 27, where the offices will be closed. Until then we’ll be working away on a host of different projects...

This week featured press releases and case stories, new client meetings with Business Center Ørestad, among others, and first draft designs for international expos, print, and online advertising.

Wednesday saw us revisit an old case on Twitter, after BOBST Bielefeld, previously Fischer & Krecke, unveiled their new 20SEVEN press, continuing the product brand we introduced for their 20SIX line in the early 2000s... Always fun and rewarding to see an old project make strides years later.

Last but not least, moving and packing also offered a bit of reminiscing. Check out the handmade layout below, a branding campaign put together waaaaay back in the late 1980s for a Swedish convenient store brand – not too shabby if I may say so myself. That's all for now - see you all next Friday!