News: Back to Normal SOTW

News: Back to Normal (SOTW)

Hi everyone and welcome back to the latest edition of Stories of the Week. What number are we at? I wanna say 24, and today is August 24, so that fits in nicely. ”Back to Normal” is the title of this week’s article, and that is simply because we’re returning to our SOTW roots this week. No Friday memes today, but a look back at our week at the office – and out and about, of course.

Let’s kick things off with a little summertime warning, something my daughter taught me on Wednesday; bees are overly agressive right now because the Queen dies in August, and the worker bees have no place to live. So yeah, there’s that, watch out for bees. I’ve been told it’s common knowledge, but it was certainly news to me haha... Kids are the future!


But back to normal, the office. Monday was Monday – catching up on a few new developments, finalizing expo designs for next month, and for me, a little press release and newsletter copywriting.

We spent the week shipping off some print and online ads, gathering click-rates and statistics, and continuing work on a couple of branding projects and new websites, for an eye-care company, a local craftsman, and a Chinese corporate client. At the end of last week we put together a quick roll-up banner for Ironside Sports/OPRO Mouthguards, and it turned out pretty good if you ask me - I'll see if I can round up some pictures for next week...

Wednesday a couple of us took the day off – me included, and I gotta tell you, that mid-week break did me well. I spent the day with family visiting from the US, we had breakfast , went to the beach, and took a trip to Bakken amusement park. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday.


Gearing up for September’s Labelexpo Americas 2018, it was also time for us to order a new batch of business cards (up above). I kinda like the new look, and of course, it’s always nice to have the right address – this is the first time I’m re-stocking since the move. What do you think? I look forward to seeing the fruit of our labour in Chicago, spending time with som (hopefully) very happy customers, and meeting some new people. Oh yeah, and enjoying the top-notch Chi-town cuisine – I’m a sucker for good food. See you soon, The Capital Grille, Fogo de Chao etc.

Another item on our list was a bit of merchandizing – product selection, design files, order administration, coordination etc. Not the most creative bit of business, but still a necessary part of our day-to-day operations. News coffee mugs, flags, USB drives and more is headed to our client’s facilities around Europe.  Thanks for smooth operations to our vendors – Trykkeriloftet, USB Stick Produzent, Promotiv Nordics and more.

That’s all for now – we’re off into the sunset, or heavy rain, until Monday. The SOTW series will take a 1-week hiatus, but we'll be back again in week 36. Take care!