News: Back in Full Force with New Social Content

News: Back in Full Force (SOTW) 

Cheerio, people of the Internet, and welcome back to another Story of the Week! This week the holiday season officially ended here at AddMore, as we welcomed back all our colleagues. It was great to see everyone again, catch up and hear stories from trips to Sweden, Spain and Italy to name a few... 

Back in full force we kicked the week off with a little Birthday celebration for the big man. Bo’s Birthday was this past Friday, and Monday afternoon – after waiting anxiously for delivery all day – we surprised him with a gift basket (contents below) full of specialty beers and sweets; chocolates, licorice and more. Enjoy, boss man!


Instagram with the intern
As mentioned last week we have a new marketing intern at the company; Josefine. Her first order of business, despite drafting parts of this article, was to set up an AddMore Instagram account, and make a preliminary content strategy and plan. We’ve handed the rains to Josefine and she will be posting different shots of the work we do here at the office, case projects, and of course loads of fun day-to-day stuff. Give it a follow, we’d really appreciate it!

In other news, this week was spent getting everyone up to speed, brainstorming on a new rebranding project, and continued work on the websites we briefly touched upon in last week's SOTW – and on Twitter the week before. Longtime friend of the family, Jørgen Korfitsen, stopped by and we helped him book flights and transportation on his latest JK Golf venture. Who knows, maybe we can rebrand as a “Travel Agency” in the future...


Feeling hot hot hot!
Wednesday was an absolute scorcher in Denmark, temperatures hitting 35 degrees in parts of the country, so we closed up shop a few hours earlier – we’re halfway through Thursday writing this, and it feels a whole lot cooler. Thank God for that!

Rounding off we had another Skype Conference Call regarding designs for an upcoming expo, discussing messages, visuals, and meeting deadlines. We’re moving ever so close to the finish line, and our clients are getting ready to put on a good show!  


Hello Weekend! 
That’s all we have to offer this week, folks. We have a full slate of weekend plans to attend – I’m off to Bachelor’s and Birthday parties (whew!), some are headed to Sweden for the traditional Crayfish Festivities, others are getting their BBQ & Rum on – Rum with ice, soda, ginger beer and more – and a trip to the theatre’s for Jurassic World 2 is also in the cards. We will be back Monday, if we’re still standing... Hope you all have a lovely weekend!