News: Absolutely swamped

Absolutely swamped 

Hi all - just popping in to tell you we’re all alive and well :-) We hope everyone had a great Christmas/News Years holiday, and have had a good first month back on the grind. We’ve been absolutely swamped, which explains the recent radio silence. 

After a bit of snow the weather is clearing up too, here in Denmark, and I’m currently looking out the window at what I’d consider classic “Meh” weather - not great, not terrible, just alright…


On the business side of things we’ve been very busy at work with Nilpeter, handling a lot of marketing assignments, both current/everyday things, and “future stuff” - planning the year in terms of advertising, promotion campaigns, expo activity etc. We published their big 100-year-anniversary story earlier this week, which you can find here: Nilpeter Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

Before Christmas we also signed on with a new client called Børthy · Schriver · Lundemann A/S, or BSL for short, who are a rather large building consultancy from our old stomping grounds in Lyngby. We’ve taken on the task of updating their website with new cases and features, and that work is ongoing. We’re very happy to have them and look forward to a good working relationship.

Last but not least, our web crews are busy at work with not one but two new/amended websites which we’ll be able to reveal in the not too distant future. Alright guys and gals, I better be off, still not quite done with today’s work. See you all soon! Tak care!