News: A mixed bag of tricks

News: A mixed bag of tricks (SOTW 26)


Hello all, and welcome back to another edition of SOTW - number 26 in total, for the week of Monday September 10.  It’s been another eventful week here at the office, with branding projects nearing completion, new websites taking form, photo shoots, and more. If you’re here for the weather update, it’s been shit. Hopefully it clears up for the weekend!

Let’s get to it…
Without disclosing too much information - client/attorney privilege, you know - we’ve been doing a lot of Wordpress work over the past week. Our coding partners have helped us set up a couple of brand-spanking new responsive websites, and we’ve gone to town with pictures, graphics, copywriting and other content leading up to an official launch next week (maybe?) for one project, and a few more for another. We look forward to seeing everything in action.


Furthermore, our intern Josefine has been doing a bit of market research for us, laying the groundwork and crunching the numbers for an upcoming promotion campaign with a new client - client and target demographics, buyer behaviour, platform/media selection, campaign tactics and flow etc. etc. All in a few weeks work… We are really looking forward to pushing the button and showing our creative work to the world :-)

In other news from the world wide web, we also put together a few banner ads and newsletters this week, for Danish and Swedish target markets, English/worldwide, and even one in Spanish, for parts of South America - from Nilpeter, with the help of their sales agent in the Andean region. Thanks for all the help, Juan Pablo! We accompanied the Spanish copy with this little GIF animation, displaying the three printing presses Nilpeter will showcasing at Labelexpo Americas 2018.


Inspiring art
Taking a short detour, here’s something I stumbled upon while browsing Shutterstock for artsy inspiration - a celebration of their 15th anniversary with posters showing important events from each of the last 15 years…

I especially like the 2008 Barack Obama poster, the REVOLUTIONARY Nelson Mandela in 2013, Disney’s acquisition of Pixar in 2006, and the 2005 poster and quote from Norbert Lammert, German Parliamentary Speaker, when Angela Merkel was elected as Germany’s first female Chancellor.


And finally, this week also marked the 17th anniversary of 9/11, the tragic terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and New York’s Twin Towers, that caused the deaths of 2,996 people and the injuries of more than 6,000 others. We here at AddMore would of course like to offer our sincerest condolences to those who lost their loved ones in the tragic event.

That’s all from us, we look forward to seeing you next week. Have a good weekend.