News: A Copenhagen Heat Wave (SOTW13)

A Copenhagen Heat Wave (SOTW13)

Hello hello hello! And welcome back to another edition of SOTW, this time for week 20 aka the week of May 14, 2018.

Let’s kick things off with a little weather report; it was hot! How hot, you ask? Well, with temperatures up to 28 degrees Celsius, Wednesday was the warmest day in May in Copenhagen since 1913! Yes, you read that right - Wednesday was the hottest day in May in 105 years. Whew! And the rest of the week wasn’t exactly chilly either, with 25+ degrees most days. Luckily the boss here at AddMore allows us, his employees, to wear shorts to work, unlike Jyllands-Posten Editor in Chief, Jacob Nybroe, who was in the news this past week after his April 20th ban on shorts and short skirts at the newspaper. To each his own but I for one am happy not to work at JP.


On to the next – this saw us continue work for Ironside Sports, putting together a couple of product brochures and having preliminary discussions regarding the new company website and online store. More on that in the coming weeks... We also carried on with a bit of event planning – booth design and coordination for a few different clients going to Labelexpo Americas 2018 in September, anniversary celebrations next year, and some small pop-up trade shows here and there. All in a days (or week’s) work.

Press releases were coming in hot this week, with post-trade show news briefs and product launches going out, all researched, written and designed in-house, as well as a few new print ads. In addition to the Ironside website we are also working on a corporate website for our new Chinese client – I might have mentioned it in the past few weeks – and here, we haven taken a few steps regarding functionalities, needs and requirements. Up next are sitemaps, design layouts and web-platform decisions.


Thursday and Friday saw us dealing with a few website updates – getting ready for the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws that take effect May 25, as well as adding SSL encryption to comply with Google’s new requirements. There is indeed a lot to keep up with, but luckily we have always treated data and information with the utmost respect and security, so no monumental changes will take place. Just know that your email address and name is safely stored here with us, should you chose to sign up, and of course can be deleted without delay if you wish.


Last but not least, this week saw me (Niklas) put the guys to work with some non-AddMore designs – a few humorous ad/poster mock-ups for personal use, which I might reveal once all is ready. Not exactly AddMore-relevant but I gotta tell you, as a copywriter by trade, it’s great to have a couple of artists on hand when you get a creative idea. Thanks, guys! 

And bye bye to the rest of you. We’ll see you all next week, but not until Tuesday – Monday is Pinse, or Whitsun(?), ANOTHER Danish (and international) holiday to mark 50th day after Easter. I’m not sure why, but I do enjoy the extra time off :-)